Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eustress n distress

Have u ever heard about eustress n distress. It was basically positive n negative side of the stress...either one is good n the other one is bad for you. But why i  came out with stress topic....hmmm...i QUESS I'm IN Stressssssss.......! Gosh...Shit...what's happening to me...i seldom involved in this mind set kinda juz dat everyone in this world would definitely came up to this point... me...farid is in stress mood...since this is my blog n this is my territory....i can write whatever i want...have u heard about releasing stress by expressing ur emotions on paper by writing it down...dOES it helps u...I'm trying actually..
Here's the thing , i'm stuck in my chapter 4. Eventhough im done with lab work for the past 1 month i still can't managed to finish up my writing part. It took 3 to 4 weeks to finish up analyzing those freaking data..n i hates minitab man..that stupid program wasn't suppose to be invented by statistcian coz it's totally unfriendly user at all..or maybe my mind wasn't that good in maths...well it's true actually , anyway..thanx to Najian...she's the statistician who helps me to complete my data analysis.
Data analysis = Done. Then it's the discussion part..I have read more than 30 journals to be specific enough but everything shows the same similarity in discussion part..i analyze every detail of it n i try to understand the part that i'm not suppose to understand at this moment. But  when i tried to write, it didn't turns out the way it suppose to be. It turns out to be like diz, the flow n idea was good , she said but eventually a , then it goes to d , then back to b n sort of...u know what i meant right. So the flow is not right at i'm trying n try  n try but  i still can't make it..huh...make me more stress. At first i thought i din have enough rest or sleep. Mom and dad said the same thing , she said u need to relax a bit...come back home , but's not the right time to go home schedule was damm pack...diz weekend i'm having finishing school program which i din turns out coz majority of my friends are avoiding it due to several unacceptable lousy reason like me = i'm too tired , let me sleep diz was me actually n next week on 21st of feb , i need to attend a scientific writing conference on sperm organized by my choice...I need to attend but luckily i don have present my data n my excuse was = i'm not ready yet...seriously i'm juz an undergraduates n my knowledge are limited.
Or maybe i had too many things in my mind or maybe i have lost my focus. Hah...i lost my focus , wait, this isn't suppose to be happening right now man..not now..not in final semester. To be honest , i haven't touch anything yet for my mid sem. I'm not sure how's my performance this semester. This tesis turn me into a freakin robots who's devoted his life in lab , seriously i din hang out with my schoolmates during long holiday , i stayed in lab during weekend n my close friends which is my schoolmates keeps on messaging  n begging me to come back home early juz to make sure i managed to catch up with them. If this is happening 3 years ago , hah , i don really recognize myself. 
I quess i need to relax right , i need something like anti -depression pill or morphine injection kan? Seriously , at one point i couldn't sleep at night eventhough i'm too tired coz i din get enough sleep from the previous night but still i ended up sleep late at 2 am n i woke up early at 6.30am.
My body is turning into a robots i quess..excited at one point...i'm scared man...i'm scared at 1 point i can't handle it and i ended up with high fever...
Someone suggest me to go for sports just to relax ur mind. I went for swimming n it's not working at all. I'm still the same. I quess the best remedy for this brain psychotic disease is to find my best friend n talk about it. But she's bussy preparing for her clinical exam lar pulak..Hmmm...i quess i need to pray n doa banyak2...moga2 hati ini tenang.
I'm sorry i treated my blog as my diary, to all viewers , this is the different version of farid with brain damaged at 12.48pm = 15 FEbruary 2009. N please...don ever ever ever post something which sounds like diz ' ko tk payah risau lar..ko dh habis lab' i quess someone's familiar with that words....pleaz....writing is much more sux than anything....u'll understand later!


At February 21, 2009 at 8:46 AM , Blogger Ulthero7 said...

Don't care.. I STILL want to say that phrase:
'ko tk payah risaular.. ko dh habis lab' ...hohohohoho XD.. apsal ko tk present?.. kalo ko jd present ak pergi ikot ko sabtu nih.. well, nothing else to say but like what u said to me last time, "chill lar"

At February 23, 2009 at 11:00 PM , Blogger F@rid Abdul Aziz said...

tk nk present....tkder maknenyer...ilmu tuh secebis garam halus jer...haha..warghh...peribahasa sugguh....mestila...kawan baik kan...kau susah aku tolong gak...ko pon tolong aku's a give n take situation...tpi disebabkan situasi ini lar ada skandal kau yg tk suke aku...motif dia nk jealous...kau nih...nasihatkan sikit dier yer...gerli lah!!!!! Ponton....chill lar...chill...tpi aku chill chill pon..nih lr jadik nya...ada entry berbau stress yg teramat hangit...


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